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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, aka Beyoncé or simply Queen B is an American R&B singer, a former lead singer of the once-popular band Destiny’s Child. She got into the big stage at the age of nine, rose to fame as a part of the girl-pop-trio and then multiplied its success in her solo career.
Beyoncé – singer, actress, motherBeyoncé – singer, actress, mother
She is the only singer whose solo albums have all received a Grammy Award for Best R&B Album, and debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 national music chart.


The woman who is today known worldwide for her powerful mezzo-soprano and luxurious curves was born in Houston, the largest city in Texas, to Matthew Knowles, a producer and sound engineer, and Tina Knowles (née Beyoncé), a fashion designer and stylist. It was in honor of her mother's parents' last name that the newborn got her name.
Beyoncé 's photos as a babyBeyoncé 's photos as a baby
Five years later, a baby Solange Piaget, Beyoncé's sister, was born. By that time, the young Beyoncé had already revealed remarkable vocal talent. It all started with a simple case: the dance teacher in her elementary school began singing a song, and the girl finished it on the high-pitched notes. The next stage was a school talent contest on which she sang the song "Imagine" by John Lennon and won the first prize leaving behind all her 15-16-year-old competitors. Soon, not a single urban music competition was held without B's participation.
Little Beyonce with her parents and younger sister SolangeLittle Beyonce with her parents and younger sister Solange
At the same time, the girl who enjoyed performing on the stage like nothing else was really shy and reserved in everyday life. Their family was rather wealthy, the mother owned a beauty salon. Beyoncé tried not to provoke her peers' mocking and whispering behind her back and took pains to be as ordinary as possible. She walked silently and staring at the floor, and as a result, she got problems with posture by the age of 7.
Beyoncé's photos as a schoolgirlBeyoncé's photos as a schoolgirl
Everything changed in 1990. The girl proceeded to secondary school specialized on music. Here, she no longer had to be ordinary and stay unnoticed. She was immediately taken to the school choir, and some time later she began to perform there.

Beginning: Destiny's Child

In 1990, Beyoncé and her classmate Kelly Rowland took part in the casting for a teen pop group. During the audition, they met Latavia Robertson. Beyoncé, Kelly, Latavia and three other girls were eventually selected and merged into a project called Girl's Tyme.
Beyonce and the first cast of Beyonce and the first cast of "Destiny's Child" ("Girl's Tyme")
The producer of the group was Arne Frager from California. Placing a bet on the young age of the girls, he decided to send them to the largest talent show of the country of that time, Star Search. The man was sure that the audience would be touched by the black girls reading rap, but he was wrong. Girl's Tyme failed, because of a poorly rehearsed song: "We read rap, but we had to sing," - Beyoncé admitted later.
Girl's Tyme on Star Search. First failure
That hit little Beyoncé hard. Seeing his daughter so sad, B's father who was involved in the music industry, helped her with a piece of advice.
At his insistence, the band was cut to four. Beyoncé and her friends rehearsed in the back room of her mother's salon, taking pieces of advice and criticism from the clients. During the school period, they often performed at city events.

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