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Employee Assistance Program- Key Benefits

EAP is a program that is provided to the employee of a company for free. The objective of the EAP is addressing the different problems that can affect the productivity of an employee. Some of the most common problem addressed by the EAP include drug abuse, health issues, marital issues, financial problem, and children who are out of control. Here are the main benefit of the EAP program.

The productivity of the employee is growing to increase. When the employees are stressed by personal issues, they tend to be distracted. Their creativity will also be low. You are going to realize that your staffs will start to utilize their sick days more than usual. Your company is going to be negatively affected by absenteeism. AccOrding to a study done recently, many companies lose a lot of millions of dues to absenteeism. The productivity of the company will significantly increase due to the employee assistance program. There will be less sick leave, lost time, and work related accidents.

Another significant benefits of the employee assistance program is that is cheap for the company to implement. For each employee, an employer will spend approximately 50 dollars in a year. That is about 1% of the annual health insurance that the company pays. Make sure that your staffs understand the existence and importance of the employee assistance program. If you do not do so; the program will be seldom used.

The company is going to save money when it adopts the employee assistance program. Every year, many companies spend a lot of money on the mental health of the employee. If you are not addressing the mental issues of your staffs, you are going to spend a lot of money on their health. EAP will increase the investment in your company. Low usage of medical insurance, low healthcare cost, and less absenteeism are the main benefits of the EAP program.

Employee assistance program is beneficial because it encourages a positive work environment. Poor performance and absenteeism from work are the most common effect of stress. The effects give pressure to not only the affected person but also the whole workforce. It is vital to note that when a person is stressed, they tend to be less communicative and defensive in the place of work. All the personal concerns of the employees will be address when you implement the employee assistance program. There is going to be a positive working environment when there is an improvement of employee.

There are many companies that offer the employee assistance program. internet is an excellent place where you can find an EAP provider. It is essential to make sure that you have studied your preferred service provider. read more about the lifeworks EAP here.

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