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Th sarabun 9 font

th sarabun 9 font

Microsoft 's "Angsana New "Browallia New "Cordia New" and "EucrosiaUPC" which were extensively used at that time, with the fonts created by Thai nationals.
TH Kodchasan Kansuda Piamprachakphong ( ) The name "Kodchasan" rtgs : Khotchasan) means an elephant.
TH Charm of AU Kanlayanamit Noraratphutthi ( ).
Font listing: Sans, Century Schoolbook Sans Mono, TeXGyreAdventor,Bitstream Vera Serif, LMMonoSlant10,Droid Sans Mono, stixsizeThreeSym,Arundina Palladio L,Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, TeXGyreSchola,Bitstream Vera Sans, FreeSerif,rsfs10,Arundina Serif, TH SarabunPSK, stixnonUnicode,URW Gothic L,Dingbats, URW Chancery L,msbm10,Tlwg Typist, DejaVu Sans Serif Sans Mono, stixintegralsD,Bitstream Charter, Liberation Serif, Microsoft Sans Serif.TH Krub Ekkalak Phianphanawet The font is named after a Thai particle " Krub " rtgs : Khrap).Browser: Iceweasel.0.12 (debian system: Debian GNU/Linux.0 Wheezy i386 ( file #34681 ).The font "TH Sarabun PSK" is used on the Thai Wikipedia's current logo.Government Gazette of Thailand on and from January, 2011, replacing "Angsana New".TH Chakra Petch Thirawat Photwibunsiri ( ) The name "Chakra Petch" rtgs : Chak Phet) means a crystal disc.References edit External links edit.Adobe Flash Player:.2 r202 (1) npapi binary.Department of Intellectual Property through m, and can be downloaded freely on the website.The Thai scripts are in the "court style a style of writing prominent during the Thon Buri Kingdom and the initial period of the Rattanakosin Kingdom.

TH Srisakdi Aksaramethi Team consisting of Phairot Piamprachakphong ( ) Bowon Chonradon and ( ) The name "Srisakdi" rtgs : Si Sak) means prestige.
(Thanks Abhabongse Janthong for another pull request.
The public agencies were ordered kismac 0.3 3 dmg to use these fonts, especially "TH Sarabun PSK in their state papers.A collection of Thai scalable fonts available in free licenses.Gnash:.8.11dev (git 88f86a3 19-Aug-2015) npapi.Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, called the "Standard Fonts for Thai Public Sectors" Project.Fix LaTeX familydefault upon switching between scripts.The font is later improved and distributed on August 19, 2011 under the name "TH Sarabun New".3, the competition was organised by, abhisit too big to fail ebook pdf Vejjajiva 's.5, the font "TH Sarabun PSK" is used in the.