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Schedule shutdown ubuntu 12.04

schedule shutdown ubuntu 12.04

Next, add the smart tech version 10 line below at the end of the file and save.
To get started, press, ctrl Alt T on your keyboard to open Terminal.
Best of all, it just works.In Ubuntu, you can use.Scheduling a driver da internet windows xp shutdown, to shutdown run the command: sudo shutdown -P 60, that will wait 60 mins before starting the shutdown sequence.So if you want your computer to shutdown 2 hours 30 minutes 25 seconds later, just enter 2, 30 and 25 into the fields.Let us know in the comments.

It is lightweight and doesnt add clutter to your screen.
The second line reboot your computer at 12:30 PM of everyday of the month or every month and only on Friday.
Instead of a single countdown stripe, you will see a main window with options to schedule task.
The good thing is that the timer can be stopped and resumed at any time.You can add as many tasks puzzle games full version jigsaw you want and when the date and time come, they will automatically be processed.Crontab is a file in most Linux systems that holds scheduled tasks that are automatically run or executed at a given date and time.All you have to do is to enter the time from now (in hours, minutes and seconds) that you want the PC to shutdown and click the Play button, and it will do the job silently in the background.However, there are other scheduling tools that are more powerful and can do a better job than ComplexShutdown.After the installation, you can run the application from the Applications menu.Originally Posted by jerrrys and for the got to have a GUI person (me there is kshutdown in synaptic).