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Rarity pony voice actress

rarity pony voice actress

Aquí os dejo una de las canciones." (Spanish).
Harshwhinny (season 3 and S4E5 Princess Luna (speaking, except season 3 ; singing You'll Play Your Part Sweetie Drops (S1E20 Tree Hugger, Twinkleshine (S1E1 Zecora (season 5) Frédérique Schürmann: Sonata Dusk Veronique Sonneville: Apple Bloom (singing Diamond Tiara (singing season 5) Nathalie Stas: Applejack (singing), Fleetfoot.
Harshwhinny (season 4 Zesty Gourmand, various chaaracters Katarzyna Dbrowska: Queen Novo Marta Dobecka: Minuette (S05E12 various characters Kamil Dominiak: Silver Shill, Svengallop, unspecified Rainbow Rocks character Marta Dylewska: Vapor Trail, various other Agnieszka Fajlhauer: Lightning Dust, Sugarcoat, Trixie (except Battle various other Boena Furczyk: Cinnamon.
Sharon Alexander: Sour Sweet, rena Anakwe: "Girl Pony 2" (S04E19 Sapphire Shores, michael Antonakos: Starstreak, ashleigh Ball : Applejack, Apple Dumpling, Apple Rose, "Bright Pony" (S05E14 Cherry Berry (S04E02 "Crystal Chalice Stand Pony" (S04E22 Crystal Pony (S03E12 "Crystal Pony 3" (S04E24 Daisy (S05E09 Excited Pony.Please only list verifiable entries, and put speculative entries in notes or in the comments section.Hooves (S05E09 Fancy Pants (S05E10 Pest Control Pony (S05E04 various characters Magorzata Szymaska: Fluttershy nero 10 serial number full version Robert Tondera: Gladmane Magdalena Tul: Princess Celestia (singing, season 3 Rarity (singing since season 5 Rainbow Rocks encore shorts) Brygida Turowska-Szymczak: Daisy (S05E09 Fleetfoot, Princess Luna Klementyna Umer: Gloriosa Daisy, Princess.Germain is an actress and singer.Cake (S2E10) Arabic Hamdi Abas ( ) - Doctor Horse, Jet Set, Spike, Discord (singing) Amal Abdallah ( ) - Fluttershy Asma' Abdel-Hamid ( ) - Apple Bloom (speaking, singing seasons 4-6 Rainbow Dash ( Can I Do It On My Own Scootaloo, Pinkie Pie.Hooves (S05E09 Doctor Horse, Fish Creature (The Movie Goldie Delicious (S04E09 Half Baked Apple, "Horticultural Pegasus" (S05E10 Ice Archer (S04E24 Jet Set, Hondo Flanks, Igneous Rock Pie, "Pegasus Dad" (S4E14 "Pest Control Pony" (S05E04 "Public Works Pony" (S05E10 "Reporter Pony" (S04E20 royal guard #2 (S04E01.

Jensen: Apple Bloom Anine Kruse: Princess Celestia, Rarity (seasons 2-6) Benedicte Kruse: Fluttershy (seasons 2-6 Princess Cadance Lena Meieran: Spike Anniken Marie Nielsen: Rainbow Dash Siri Nilsen : Applejack (season 1) Dina Padoin: Adagio Dazzle, Fluttershy (season 1) Malin Pettersen: Applejack (seasons 2-6) August Fabritius.
Aquí os comparto otra." (Spanish).
Retrieved on 2017 April.Cake (season 1) Ana María Camps: Sweetie Belle, Trixie, (seasons 2-5, Tricks Up My Sleeve Diamond Tiara (season 1 Sweetie Drops ( Friendship Games Lyra Heartstrings (season 5 Flurry Heart Anna Cano: Pinkie Pie (singing Rarity (singing, season 2 onward Sweetie Belle (singing Princess Celestia.(Movie Magic various other Przemysaw Niedzielski: Nerdy delegate (S05E10 Savoir Fare (S05E09 Yaks (S05E11 various characters Przemysaw Nikiel: The Movie title voice-over Tomasz Olejnik: McColt guard (S05E23 various other Olga Omeljaniec: Limestone Pie, unspecified Rainbow Rocks character Antonina Oraczewska: Twinkleshine (S05E12 various other Karol Osentowski.Rainbow Rocks singers: Mélanie Dambermont, Nathalie Stas, Nathalie Delattre, Stéphanie Vondenhoff.Shy Luca Sandri: Pouch Pony, Seabreeze Dario Sansalone: Soarin (S6E7) Mario Scarabelli: Announcer (S6E7 Big McIntosh (seasons 1-4 Cattail, Coriander Cumin, Cranky Doodle Donkey, Green Dragon (S1E24 Red dragon (S1E7 Duke linear algebra lay study guide of Maretonia, " Flutterguy " (S1E9 Henchpony (S6E13 Igneous Rock (S1E23.Hooves (Pegasus, S01E16 female voice (S03E12 Flurry Heart, Granny Smith, Gravy Boat (S03E10; also listed in credits of S03E12 on DVD Hoofer Steps (S06E04 Lemon Hearts (S4E19 Lotus Blossom, Masked Nurse (S06E23 Meadow Song (Pegasus, S01E16 "Method Mare 4" (S05E16 "Mother" (S05E16 Mrs.Hooves (S04E21 Night Watch, Rare Find (S04E25 royal guards (S01E22, S02E20) Amanda Tislon: Narrator in My Little Pony: Harmony Quest Lee Tockar : "Beaver Foreman" (S03E05 Coriander Cumin, Gummy, " Shopkeeper Snips, Steven Magnet Vincent Tong : "Bus Driver" ( Friendship Games "Dignitary" (S04E25 Feather.Fauna (S07E05 Fleur Dis Lee, "Foal" (S06E01 Lix Spittle ( The Movie Narrator (S01E01 Old Gardener (S07E25) Princess Celestia, Spitfire (S01E16 "Student" (S07E10 Tree Hugger, Twinkleshine (S01E01, first line Vera (The Movie) Patton Oswalt : Quibble Pants Giles Panton : Flash Magnus Michael Peña.My Little Pony animated specials, having voiced, minty, Wysteria, and, thistle Whistle.