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Put display to sleep windows 8

put display to sleep windows 8

Last week, I upgraded my PC from Windows 8 to Windows.1, but the sleep mode doesn't work anymore.
I hope that my sharing will be helpful to you.
Windows will now show the screen where you can set the amount of time before your computer automatically switches to sleep mode.The turn off the display setting is another energy saving feature in Windows.But hey, theres a limit to the amount of annoying behavior that we have to accept from computers, dont you think?A better understanding of your Windows sleep settings leads to a better computer experience beyond any doubt.This takes away unnecessary battery consumption, reducing the amount of time you can use your laptop without power outlet.Turning the display back on will require slightly less time than bringing the computer back to an active state out of sleep mode.You can tell that the box is active by the blinking vertical cursor which indicates that Windows is waiting to accept your input, but you cannot type an entry in this text box.In the shortcut properties window, click the change icon button.In the quick link menu, select control panel.The Power Troubleshooter checks things like email alert sharepoint 2013 the computer's timeout settings, which determine how long the computer waits before turning off the monitor display or entering sleep mode.The Power Options box shows.The problem is that when I enable Turn off display after x minutes feature from control panel, the device goes into sleep after x minutes.

First, there are the physical keys on your keyboard that are programmed to invoke sleep mode.
Lets be honest: a message on your screen like this one is to be avoided, no?
I hope this information can be helpful to you.Sleep and other power-saving states are turned off in the mobile PC's basic input/output system (bios).These often come with color-coded keys such as the ones in this image: At the bottom of the image you see the light blue fn key.This is somewhat different from normal input boxes, because you cant actually type anything in the box.In the type the location of the item box, type the following command (or copy/paste it from here Rundll32.exe powrprof.I want to turnoff the display but don't want to lock the device.