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Php explode remove whitespace

php explode remove whitespace

I also tried C:xamppphpwww but no i going to configure i under C: i?
Mb_substr( s, 1, -1).
It's useful for cleaning up comments, articles, or mail that users post to your site, making it so there's no extra blank space or blank lines).
So I wrote this class to reuse when stuff needs to be trimmed.?php class cleaner function cleaner (cuts, pinfo) ucut "0 lcut "0 while (cutsucut) lcut; ucut; lcut lcut - 1; ucut "0 rcut "0 wiy "start while (wiy) if (so) ucut "0 rcut "0.Br / br dmc 5 ocean of games nbsp; nt nbsp; br br / br nbsp; rr nbsp; br r br / br r nbsp; nbsp;n br br / t cuts array n r t nbsp br pinfo new cleaner(cuts, pinfo pinfo pinfo- cleaner;.When i write localhost to my browser, he goes to C:xampphtdocsxamppinde.I create a folder named as myWorks in C:xampphtdocsxampp and put a test file. But the test file doesn't work!Hi there; I simply cannot locate the path that i am going to put my php files under xampp.I needed a way to trim all white space and then a few chosen strings from the end of a string. .Benchmark comparsion 4 different ways to trim string with 4 functions with the same result - array exploded by?php s times 100000; print cycle str_preg s times print cycle str_preg2 s times print cycle str_sub_replace s times print cycle str_trim s times print cycle str_clear.Str_replace mb_substr( s, -1 s explode s return s; function str_trim(s) s trim(s, s explode s return s;).Open in new window, xampp-Version-1-6-7.txt.That class will take any string that you put in the cust array and remove it from the end of the pinfo string. .I used wampp very much in past.

I am sending my i as code snippet and the phpinfo as txt attachment.
I put the files in www folder in wampp.
Trim is the fastest way to remove first and last char.
Where to put the files/folders etc.
This function returns a string with whitespace (or other characters) stripped from the end of str.Without the second parameter, rtrim will strip these characters.Php: The mbstring package adds UTF-8 aware string functions with mb_ prefixes.Python: We assume that os, re, and sys are always [email protected] Greg Beaver @link t Synaptic Media @version Id @package PHP.