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Oracle enterprise manager 11g url

oracle enterprise manager 11g url

In addition, the Oracle Management Agent must be installed on the host where you are installing the database.
To set preferred credentials for the database: From any Database Control page, at the top of the page, click Preferences.
oracle_hostname Local database hostname.Redirects the agents monitoring the database instances in node_list (SID_list in release 10g of the database) so that they upload their data to the console running on nodename.Granting EM Administrative Privileges to Other Users.Emca -migrate -from dbcontrol -to centralAgent -repos drop -cluster -silent parameters Migrates the Enterprise Manager configuration from Database Control to Central Agent.Emca -addNode (db asm) -silent parameters Configures Enterprise Manager for a new cluster instance of a database or ASM storage.EM_node_list Comma-delimited list of nodes for agent-only configurations, uploading data to -EM_node.For most of the Oracle installation types, you must choose either Database Control or Grid Control as your management option when you create a database during the installation.For example: Node name: node2 Database Unique Name: EM102 Similarly in releases 10g and 11g of the database, when configuring Enterprise Manager for a new instance, run the emca command only after you have created the instance.Accept the default of " Do Not Repeat " or select a repeat frequency in the Repeat pull down menu.After you add a new node, you can run emca to configure Database Control or central agent management for that node using the command emca -addNode.

( Note: The DB target name may differ, depending on your installation).
For statgraphics centurion xv serial number example, if you set this port to 5570, you can then use the following URL to display the Database Control Console: main:5570/em -RMI_port port_number This port is used by the Remote Method Invocation (RMI) system, which is part of the J2EE software required.
420464, may 11, 2004 7:31 AM to start oracle enterprise manager database control 10g emctl start dbconsole(this will start dbcontrol on http hostname:5500/em to get the status of dbconsole emctl status dbconsole to stop the dbconsole emctl stop dbconsole, nOTE: if you got the message.
However, to use the operating system command line to configure Database Control, you can use the Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant (emca).
The Create Blackout: Schedule page appears.Define a blackout period for you database instance.Multiple parameters can be used in combination at the command line.The default Enterprise Manager settings will be used to backup the database files.When you set preferred credentials, Database Control automatically fills in host computer and database login credentials for you at times when it usually prompts for these credentials.