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Among other things, this eliminates the bouncing application icon in the dock when installing plug-ins.This is auto activation tool for PCs and MAC.FS-4524 (Win) Fixed an issue where adding a font using the Add Font menu item would fail if the system option..
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Morgh's m&b wb-fay editor

morgh's m&b wb-fay editor

Which you can get by clicking puma wilderness collection 2013 on the link in the introduction section.
I've also set up a link with the troop ID's at the top of this guide.
Trp_swadian_militia Swadian_Militia Swadian_Militia A "-1" means that there's nothing to put into the inventory.
Text item editor changes: - Added wfas.143 capabilities: overswing_spear overswing_musket thrust_musket - Added wfas.43 flags: itp_is_pike itp_offset_musket itp_no_blur - Marked the special wfas capabilities and flags with " (wfas) " behind their names.
General changes: - Module System editor is for Warband only, it won't work with the wfas.143 Module System!Trp_swadian_militia, my_Soldier, my_Soldier.I've also set up a link to that allows you to see all the item ID's at the top of this guide if you don't want to download the module system.What faction the npc belongs.Txt david brown repair manual (all features, flags) - - -, tXT editors (WB/wfas - troops.If your program doesn't support this function then scroll down the page until you spot trp_swadian_militia which should look like this.We can easily do this by changing Swadian_Militia to My_Soldier or something similar.So you should maybe change it to trp_my_soldier or something like that, you can leave it as its original ID (trp_swadian_militia) but it will get confusing later.Upgrade Paths To add an upgrade path you will need to simply change this number.Trp_swadian_militia Swadian_Militia Swadian_Militia, this number represents the culture.Changing The Name of an NPC.

Txt (all features, flags) - item_kinds1.txt (all features, flags latest changes (v1.39 /.40).
This is where you can see what faction he/she belongs.
Supports: Mount Blade: Warband.113 up.143 / Mount Blade: With Fire Sword.138 up.143.
Trp_swadian_militia Swadian_Militia Swadian_Militia With the troop ID of the unit you want to upgrade to, which you can find in the module system.Features, module System editors (Warband only!(1 Handed Wep) (2 Handed Wep) (Polearms) (Archery) (Crossbows) (Throwing) (Firearms) Adding Items To add items to a NPC's inventory you will need to get the number of each item, which you can do by going into the ID_items file in the module system.Once you've got the item number then replace a -1 to add it to the inventory.The editor's official home and download page is: /wp/morghs-mb-wbwfas-editor you'll find there also a version history!The editor's official home and download page is: p/morghseditor.You'll find there also a version history!