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Medal of honour allied assault cheat codes

medal of honour allied assault cheat codes

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (PC).
Type In the command line for the game, then start up the game and bring down the console with the key.
Maps: - Briefing 1 windows media player w 7 (m1l1, m1l2a, m1l2b, m1l3a, m1l3b, m1l3c) Briefing 2 (m2l1, m2l2a, m2l2b, m2l2c, m2l3) Briefing 3 (m3l1a, m3l1b, m3l2, m3l3) Briefing 4 (m4l0, m4l1, m4l2, m4l3) Briefing 5 (m5l1a, m5l1b, m5l2a, m5l2b, m5l3 Briefing 6 (m6l1a, m6l1b, fiuk foi preciso voce m6l1c, m6l2a, m6l2b, m6l3a, m6l3b.
Mine is C:Program FilesEA gamesmohaamain then go into a game and type in console exec g there you go!Once they are all dead, take out your MP40 and turn around.Exe set cheats 1 set ui_console 1 set thereisnomonkey.Here's how the game is played.When you approach the tank, your screen goes blank and a message appears: "You have 60 seconds to find a safe hiding spot and then Bazooka Med will be on your trail." If he finds you (and it's most likely he will you'll experience one.Lets you look at your own character toggle cg_3rd_person.Dont stop or else the dogs will finish you.

Seta cg_drawviewmodel 2 seta r_fastdlights 0 seta r_fastentlight 0 seta r_subdivisions 4 seta r_lodscale.55 seta r_lodcap.5 seta r_lodviewmodelcap.55 seta cg_effectdetail.8 seta vss_maxcount 15 seta ter_error 4 seta ter_maxlod 6 seta ter_maxtris 24576 seta cg_rain 1 seta cg_shadows 1 seta s_khz.
Zombies, risen 2: Dark Waters, two Worlds.
There's one other item of note as well.
Never ending dogs: Follow the steps in the "Command Post: Never ending Nazis" hint, except do not wait in between the sand bag bunkers.Easy completion: At the end of the mission where you have to meet Manon in the truck, you have to deal with both dogs and guards from behind and very accurate riflemen ahead of you to escape.You will see a truck at the other end with the French woman nearby.Step 1 : make a new note pad file and copy the folowing.Then go back to the first king tiger tank and plant the bomb, then 2 the second forget about who shoots you just through a bomb on them while running (make sure to through it high) and keep going and make sure that both.Set rocket/grenade speed - set sv_maxvelocity number.Use a text editor to edit the "g" file in the "mainconfigs" folder in the game folder.In this level, you trek across open terrain.Seta g_eogmedal0 "1" seta g_eogmedal1 "1" seta g_eogmedal2 "1" seta g_medal0 "1" seta g_medal1 "1" seta g_medal2 "1" seta g_medal3 "1" seta g_medal4 "1" seta g_medal5 "1" Spawn: - Submitted by: clank You can spawn soldiers and tanks to make your own war.It can't blast you.