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Kung fu panda legends of awesomeness episodes

kung fu panda legends of awesomeness episodes

Call-Back : In "Scorpion's Sting Shifu makes a face similar to Po's "Doooy!" expression in the first movie.
Turns out Temutai has the exact same fashion sense.
Commercial Break Cliffhanger A particularly fun one in "My Favorite Yao" because it is played literallyShifu and Po are sent hurtling off a cliff by Temutai and his men.
He later drinks more in order to save Po, making him grow further.
Butt Sticker : "Scorpion Sting" when a possessed Monkey and Po collide with each other during "Sneak Attack Training" Po gets up and turns around shouting for Monkey; unaware that he's stuck to his backside.That's okay though, because the whole point of the rescue was to teach Shifu a lesson about how to live life to the fullest.Mantis and the other mantises all have teeth.Second Place Is for Losers : Assuming he wasn't merely faking all along, this is Taotie's excuse for returning to evil again in "Bosom Enemies because Po persisted in relegating him to the position of "assistant" to the Dragon alcoholic definition urban dictionary Warrior.Po: shamefacedly.because you thought I'd mess.With predictable results, as he tries to train them in non-criminal activities or, well, anything.Still looks pretty good, though.Sealed Evil in a Can : The demons of "Enter the Dragon game vos full version sealed by Oogway beneath the Jade Palace.Wrestler in All of Us : Both Po and Quan the Unkillable perform wrestling moves in "Has-Been Hero including the Stone Cold Stunner.Luckily he manages to Take a Third Option.He challenges him to a Duel to the Death.Rummage Fail : When Po tries to show Tigress he's got the ruby from the stolen statue, he accidentally pulls out his Tigress action figure instead.

The confusion is not helped by her having his picture in a locket.
Even during the three-way fight near the end of the episode, Peng attacks Po in the stomach, where his fat prevents any damage.
And the Dragon Warrior challenge day episode, Po as he braces himself to have a chimney land on him to protect a rabbit child.
I Have Your Wife : Lu-Shi of "Bride of Po" is being forced to marry Po and make him step down as Dragon Warrior so that Junjie can take over pantone huey driver windows 7 the Jade Palace by the fact her brother ( not boyfriend ) Shao is being.
While not deliberately tricking anyone, he does allow his kidnapping, numerous chase scenes and battles, and the near execution of himself, Shifu, and Po, all to teach Shifu a lesson about truly living life.Apparently they just couldn't resist the symbolism in having the Dragon Warrior opposed by a dragonor they wanted to have the cool firebreathing effect.Continuity Nod : Quite a few.Any time the Urn of Whispering Warriors appears, Po is going to knock it over and smash.Interestingly it doesn't seem to require maintaining concentration or even retaining possession of the stone (although the destruction of said stone then destroys all illusions made with it ).Cue the reveal of who was telling the story, with his audience all staring at him in disbelief, and mocking him.