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Hp data protector linux client

hp data protector linux client

This command should be used only on HP-UX.23 and.31 (Itanium) and Linux x8664 systems, after an upgrade to Data symantec liveupdates folder large Protector.06.1 1 if the IDB files exceed.
disk_only A ZDB related option.
By default it searches the working directory for.
This option is used to specify the backup specifications for the report.
Page 198 -user UserName -group GroupName -recover now time MM/DD/YY hh:mm:ss logseq LogSeqNum thread ThreadNum SCN Number -open -resetlogs -appname ApplicationDatabaseName -parallelism Number ndmp restore Object -filesystem Host:MountPoint Label -full -session SessionID -treeTreeName.Page 107 -noexpand Do not expand client names.only MatchPattern Specifies that only files that match the MatchPattern will be backed.It can have one of the following values: poor, fair, or good.Omniinetpasswd prompts for the password if not specified in the command line.Page 349: Omniinstlic -sync description If the command is run without options, the licensing data in HP AutoPass is synchronized with the licensing data in Data Protector, and then the HP AutoPass utility is started.no_log Specifies the logging level of the object consolidation session.

Omnicc with this option specified has to be executed on the client Cell Manager.
Page 263 Report Formats Specifies report format: ascii -ascii Specifies report format: html -html Specifies report format: TAB -tab Specifies report format: short -short examples To list all backup sessions that have started in the last 24 hours and display the report in the default.
If the HP AutoPass utility is installed in a cluster environment, it must be installed on every node in the cluster.
Ovpl (this command is available on systems with the Data Protector HP Network Node Manager Integration component installed) NNMpost.save_metadata saves the backup components document (Backup Components Lists all configured VMware datacenters.This command is available on systems with the Data Protector Java GUI Client component installed.Section 9: Introduction Command line interface reference.Page 125: Omnidbvss omnidbvss queries the VSS database (vssdb browses, lists, saves, removes, and manages the items of the vssdb (this command is available on systems with the Data Protector User Interface component installed) omnidbvss synopsis omnidbvss -version -help omnidbvss -init omnidbvss list session -barlist.If there is more than one service, separate them with a semicolon (service1;service2.).Examples Run the following command on the old Cell Manager to add the new Cell Manager with the client name "m" to the list of trusted hosts on secured clients: -prepare_clients.Page 389: Omnisv Data Protector daemons (HP-UX, Solaris, or Linux systems) or services (Windows systems) (this command is available on the Data Protector Cell Manager) omnisv synopsis omnisv -version -help omnisv -start -stop -status -start_mon.