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For sure, this band isn't one of higher league (even not from the first one but their melodic symphonic rock (more rock than prog with some Scorpions-like guitars and a bit naive and old fashioned compositions has it's own beauty.
We were always confident we could write the music, because Tony and I had done most of 'The Lamb.' It was just a question of whether the public would accept." There was a lot of misconception that the band could not continue sans Gabriel.
This progressive excellence was not to last unfortunately.This is the best track on the album, a tour de force of proggy rhythms and virtuoso musicianship.A great song that is quite popular among Genesis freaks.The lyrics that refers to the 'Trick of the tail' is here too, "Now listen here, listen to me, don't you run away now, I am a friend, I'd really like to play with you.After the enormously popular "The Lamb Lies Down In Broadway" the band had to come up with something extraordinary as there was such an expectation with this new lineup.The songs will grow full game angry birds space on you after a while and some have become part of Genesis folklore now, especially the last three tracks and the opening track.No way album for real prog fan, but for those with love to melodic not too complex pop-rock with symphonic arrangements, long compositions and dreamy, romantic atmosphere, this album could be nice listening,I believe.After months living under isis' brutal rule, Maha finally escaped.Perhaps the overly creative Peter Gabriel was actually stifling the creativity of Genesis by overpowering them with his own creative juices.There are some compelling time sig changes and Banks is allowed to shine with his scintillating keyboard lead breaks.This is a very pastoral song which changes feel at 2:45 with a piano interlude, played to perfection by Banks.Later I found the information in one Polish rock site, that they re-founded band and successfully play and even regularly record albums.

The verses return, the storyteller vocals sing, "I've got clean away but I'll be back some day, Just the combination will have changed.
Vocals are competent, if a bit old fashioned.
Look into the pool, Ripples never come back, Dive to the bottom and go to the top, To see where they have gone.
This was the perfect way to end f1 2012 patch 10 an excellent album, with the band demonstrating their uncompromising musical genius.
After Peter Gabriel left, many feel that the magic was extracted from the band, in a sense the cork had been popped and the genie had escaped from the bottle.Could Genesis pull it off without the enigmatic Gabriel?If they try to hold me for trial, I'll stay out of jail by paying my bail, And after I'll go to the court of appeal saying, "You've done me wrong it's the same old song forever.".There is an uplifting chorus that soars, "Sail away, away, Ripples never come back.Ripples begins immediately with trademark 12 string Hackett brilliance.O how I love you, I once cried long ago, But I was the one who decided.