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So you need to beware, reader, of what you have before you.Anthropology has often been tagged as a handmaiden of colonialism.This is Anthropology 101.Quantitative reasoning serves a hypothesis-testing mindset or, at least, a quest for statistical relationships between known concepts.The environment plays a..
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Fun science experiments to make at home

fun science experiments to make at home

Make Elephant's Toothpaste Elephants toothpaste is a steaming foamy substance created by the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, which sort of resembles giant-sized toothpaste.
The color of many candies come from dyes.
You can finally have the power.
Create your own lava lamp with these video instructions.If youve ever wondered how elephants keep their tusks clean, weve got the answer.Even though the egg is bigger than the opening of the bottle, you can get the egg to go into the bottle without touching.Found as a liquid in hand warmers, sodium acetate turns into hot ice when handled.Found in disposable diapers, you can make water disappear in seconds with this video.Static electricity can be a problem time to play the game ringtone whenever the humidity is low.Check out these instructions from Housing A Forest on how to make this groovy fluid funk out in every way.Walking Rainbow science experiment - You Shall Not Pass!BritLab on how to turn glass invisible using vegetable oil and pyrex glass.Borax Uses for Kids, turn Milk into Plastic, fun Creative Science Experiments for Kids 50 Of The best DIY Crafts Ideas For Kids 5 Minute Science Experiments for Kids.

This diver will sink or float on command!
We can all agree that science is awesome.
What is the purpose of a water softener?Order your OWN DVD copy of Prof.Build your own colorful bead bottle to amaze your friends!Clouds up in the sky are formed when water vapor cools and condenses into visible water droplets.What does it mean to have "hard" water?Make Elephant Toothpaste, a lesson in: chemistry and the exothermic process.