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Erunt registry backup windows 7

erunt registry backup windows 7

Press, windows key R, type regedit.
Backup current users or all users : defaults to current user, but all users possible.
This is a registry optimizing tool and supposedly compacts the registry to remove wasted space.Note: The above steps will work for Windows XP and Vista as well.The image viewer had changed all of my image file type settings and now there was no way to return them to the original settings.You can also select which Registry hive to backup.Note: guyton and hall 13th edition pdf you will have to go into the files folder and find eruntgui.To visual studio 2010 update to 2013 recover the registry from an earlier backup, you need to go to the C:Windowserdnt folder, then into one of the dated backup folders.It could save you hours of trouble, and I could almost say its a must have utility.

 Back up the registry just before you start a Windows update.
The installation is fairly standard up to the final option.
If something goes wrong in the registry, you can end the print shop essentials version 15 up with a PC that wont even boot properly.
As you can see, the default location of the backup files is a folder called erdnt inside the Windows folder.
But this work has to be done manually and regularly.Choose a location to save your reg file.If I had used erunt before installing the image viewer, Id be able to restore the registry to make all of those changes vanish.It is a front-end for the well-known registry backup and restoration app erunt but serves to take the command line out of registry backups and replace it with a simple button (see screenshot).The main reason you might want to backup your registry, of course, is as a safeguard against events that might mess up your registry (and, by extension, mess up your PC in general).Using erunt is very simple.1.5.0 of the program here.