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Computer shortcut keys in hindi pdf

computer shortcut keys in hindi pdf

Ctrl 4 Makes selected cell text underline.
Shift enter Moves to one cell upwards.
Ctrl arrow Move to extreme left / right / up / down in a selected data range or blank sheet.
Ctrl G Opens " Go To " dialog box.
Keystrokes begin with Ctrl for PC users and Cmd for Mac users.Keyboard shortcuts information comments suggest.Computer device, Select Hindi Indic Input 2 from the shortcut menu.100 Keyboard Shortcuts (windows) by Nobody.

Light data loss problems, documents CtrlS press.
Ø-la- dksM vkj 1 Alt0161 2 Alt0163 3 Alt0165 4 Alt0170 Top 10 Useful Computer Keyboards Shortcuts Keys In Hindi, Shortcut keys eml to pst converter in Hindi, Useful Keyboard Shortcuts Hindi.
These are categorized by Excel shortcuts with function keys, Excel shortcuts with Control key and Miscellaneous.For example, page article, background file open, AltTab press file.Ctrl 5 Makes selected cell text strikethrough.Ctrl F Opens "Find and Replace " dialog box with " Find " tab.Ctrl O Opens " Open " dialog box.Computer shortcut keys in hindi pdf found at soft.