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Aqa biology unit 2 revision guide

aqa biology unit 2 revision guide

B2.5 Proteins their functions and uses Proteins have many functions, both inside and outside the cells of living organisms.
The energy may be used: to build larger molecules from smaller ones in animals, to enable muscles to contract in mammals and birds, to maintain a steady body temperature in colder surroundings in plants, to build up sugars, nitrates and other nutrients into amino acids.
I) Each person (apart from identical twins) has unique DNA.
C) Cystic fibrosis (a disorder of cell membranes) must be inherited from both parents.F) New species arise as a result of: isolation two populations of a species become separated, eg geographically genetic variation each population has a wide range of alleles that control their characteristics natural selection in each population, the alleles that control the characteristics which help.Amino acids i'd assume, these ARE SO good thank YOU.D) Mitosis occurs during growth or to produce replacement cells.The structures of different types of cells are related to their functions.Proteins act as: structural components of tissues such as muscles hormones antibodies catalysts.Suggested ideas for practical work to develop skills and understanding include the following: observation of cells under a microscope, eg sprouting mung beans to show root hair cells computer simulations to model the relative size of different cells, organelles and molecules computer simulations to model.I) happy hour metro center phoenix When gametes join at fertilisation, a single body cell with new pairs of chromosomes is formed.

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C a bacterial cell consists of cytoplasm and a membrane surrounded by a cell wall; the genes are not in a distinct nucleus.
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B) Different enzymes work best at different pH values.These enzymes have many uses in the home and in industry.Bile neutralises the acid that was added to food in the stomach.This can also be carried office 2007 portable windows 7 64 bits out with 2 trypsin and.1M NaOH.D) The enzyme amylase is produced in the salivary glands, the pancreas and the small intestine.D yeast is a single-celled organism.Well done i love.these look nx God Bless you Will you being making any of these notes for A2 china mp6 player games Biology.B2.1.1 Cells and cell structure a most human and animal cells have the following parts: a nucleus, which controls the activities of the cell cytoplasm, in which most of the chemical reactions take place a cell membrane, which controls the passage of substances into and.