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Apache won start xampp mac

apache won start xampp mac

Other listeners on port 80, i checked for other listeners on port 80, as suggested in mnfc's answer.
Blog, physics practical book for class 12 no comment, check List, youre not running IIS, youre not running Skype.
Please help me to get my apache start and work again.
Ipp *.* listen lsof -i :80, command PID user FD type device size/OFF node name firefox 7929 erwin 41u IPv4 0x45f774a12db287fb 0t0 TCP t:http (established) firefox 7929 erwin 48u IPv4 0x45f774a134b4a65b 0t0 TCP x:59558- :http (established) firefox 7929 erwin 54u IPv6 0x45f774a117aff4eb (established) firefox 7929.
To determine which application is using Port 80, do the following (Windows).Still the same problem.Solution below (for Windows first, open C:xamppapachelogserror.Pando Media Booster is the Peer-to-Peer downloader client for Dungeons and Dragons Online.Dropbox 281 erwin 33u IPv4 0x45f774a117b1665b 0t0 TCP localhost:17600 (listen) netstat -atp tcp grep -i "listen" tcp46 0 0 *.ftp *.* listen tcp46 0 0 *.mysql *.* listen tcp4 0 0 localhost.17600 *.* listen tcp4 0 0 localhost.17603 *.* listen tcp4 0 0 *.17500.I never did any change to any file.From the dropdown menu, Click View and then Select Columns.I first closed all other applications, including Firefox.

Dropbox 281 erwin 26u IPv4 0x45f774a11f5b926b 0t0 TCP localhost:17603 (listen).
I was able to get around this by exiting Skype, starting the Apache service, and then restarting Skype.
Reverting those changes (or reinstalling in the user's case) will resolve that issue.Sudo lsof grep AMP grep apache ps -x grep apache 7980 ttys000 0:00.00 grep apache ps -x grep AMP 7990 ttys000 0:00.00 grep AMP.So I don't see any webserver running.Place a check next to PID (Process Identifier) you will now be able to see the PID for each application running.I check for zombie apaches.So I try to find which web server is already running.