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Anglo saxon chronicle pdf

anglo saxon chronicle pdf

Soon after another abbot was chosen of the arabic dictionary translation in english same monastery, whose name was Kenulf, who was afterwards Bishop of Winchester.
This year also were slain nine earls, and one king; and the same year the West-Saxons made peace with the army.
I say probably, because we have very little more than rational conjecture to guide.
This year came the Earl of Anjou from Jerusalem into his land; and soon after sent hither to fetch his daughter, who had been given pokemon ranger shadows of almia game to wife to William, the king's son.And the king in return promised him those many castles that their father had formerly won, and also to reduce those that had revolted from the earl, also all that his father had there beyond, except those that he had then given the king, and.The enemy came to Thetford within three weeks after they had plundered Norwich; and, remaining there one night, they spoiled and burned the town; but, in the morning, as they were proceeding to their ships, came Ulfkytel with his army, and said that they must.This year was the moon eclipsed, at eight in the evening, on the seventeenth day before the calends of February; and soon after died King Bertric and Alderman Worr.Hering, the son of Hussa, led the army thither.A little before this the men of Hastings and thereabout fought his two ships with their ships, and slew all the men, and brought the ships to Sandwich to the king.And he was soon acknowledged as well by English as by Danes; though his advisers afterwards grievously requited it, when they decreed that seventy -two ships should be retained in pay, at the rate of eight marks for each rower.Then succeeded Edmund, his brother, and reigned six years and a half, wanting two nights.Afterwards perished the hen fowls; then shortened the fleshmeat, and the cheese, and the butter.Gibson, from Wheloc, says "in aetatis vigore a fact contradicted by the statement of almost every historian.This same year was seen a bloody welkin oft-times in the likeness of fire; and that was most apparent at midnight, and so in misty beams was shown; but when it began to dawn, then it glided away.Soon after this came Hasten up with eighty ships into the mouth of the Thames, and wrought him there a work at Milton, and the other army at Appledore.

And in the same year Sweyn the earl went out to Baldwin's land Of Elmham to Bruges and abode there all the winter; and then in summer he went out.).D.
This year died Archbishop Oskytel; who was first consecrated diocesan bishop at Dorchester, and afterwards it was by the consent of King Edred and all his council that he was consecrated Archbishop of York.
This year was the winter so severe, with snow and with frost, that no man who was then living ever remembered one more severe; in consequence of which there was great destruction of cattle.
Then was it made known to King Harold in the south, as he was come from on ship- board, that Harald King of Norway and Tosty the earl were landed near York.This year died Herod, who slew James one year ere his own death.In this year men reported, and of a truth asserted, that Cnute, King of Denmark, son of King Sweyne, was coming hitherward, and was resolved to win this land, with the assistance of Robert, Earl of Flanders; (106) for Cnute had Robert's daughter.Him his own domestics slew on the ninth day before the kalends of August.In the summer of this year went the army, some into East-Anglia, and some into Northumbria; and those that were penniless got themselves ships, and went south over sea to the Seine.And then in about two years he died, and his body lies at Winchester: and he reigned eighteen years and a half, and he was the son of Egbert.They were the sons of King Edmund and.And 70 the king had contrived that a guard should be set against them on the south side of Severnmouth; west from Wales, eastward to the mouth of the Avon; so that they durst nowhere seek that land on that side.This year Cynewulf deprived King Sigebert of his kingdom; and Sigebert's brother, Cynehard by name, slew Cynewulf at Merton; and he reigned thirty-one years.