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Akb0048 season 2 episode 6

akb0048 season 2 episode 6

It might turn out to be a name we least expect.
13 13 "For Their Smiles" "Egao no Tame ni" July 22, 2012 As Tsubasa recalls some things Atsuko taught her, the understudies, along with the successors, request that they resume the concert.
As Makoto's plan ultimately fails after being stun by a jellyfish, the Kirara glows brightly when Nagisa and Chieri are shot together.The series follows a group of understudies who train to become the next group of successors.This content HAS NOT been released.The opening theme is "Speaking About a Hope" Kib ni Tsuite ) by No Name mayu Watanabe, Sumire Sat, Amina Sat, Sayaka Nakaya, Sawako Hata, Mao Mita, Karen Iwata, Kumi Yagami, Haruka Ishida ) while the ending theme is "Dreams Are Forever Reborn" Yume.She seems so determined to witness the radiance she saw from Chieri and Nagisa once more where combined, their radiance is similar to the one given off by Acchan the 13th.Chieris overwhelming popularity has always resulted in her being very firmly under public scrutiny, but now people are openly speculating about how close she is to succession, and the possibility that she might end up succeeding Acchan.When a DES battleship attempts to stop them, Chieri, Nagisa and the others combine their feelings with the nameless emotions collins gem sas survival guide across the galaxy to get the DES fleet to withdraw, returning peace to Akibastar.

While Chieri is of the opinion that its an honour just to succeed a name in the first place, Yuukos clearly pointed out the significance of succeeding Acchan of all people and Im sure its something Cherry must have at least thought of given how.
After talking halo pc multiplayer patch with Mikako about how those with Center Nova potential have an ability to capture moments of radiance, Yko takes up photography to try and gain that sense of instinct.
24 11 "Beyond the Door" "Tobira no Mukgawa" March 16, 2013 Chieri and Nagisa arrive on Sagittariusstar, where they rendezvous with Yasunaga who takes them stellar phoenix photo recovery key generator mac to Chieri's home whilst he tries to arrange a meeting with her father.
When the ship suddenly comes under attack by DES, Mikako breaks free from her cell and goes alone to buy them time to charge their warp drive.18 5 "The Forbidden Star" "Kinjirareta Hoshi" February 2, 2013 The elected members are chosen for a concert on Baltistar, a planet completely under the entertainment ban.As the others fight off the DES, Orine vows to protect her hater so she can learn how to improve herself, before they are backed up by the OTA, fans who fight alongside AKB in times of need.We're always adding new content.As Kanata escorts Minami after she comes down with a fever at the end of the concert, Minami understands a bit more about Kanata's passion and once again feels she deserves to be Minami more than herself.As the increased security evokes debate about whether the concert should be cancelled, the ship comes under attack by the DES.Whilst happy for their friend, the girls become anxious as to whether or not Mimori will change from becoming a successor.Meanwhile, Yka grows concerned when she learns the boy she fell out with back home, Mamoru, doesn't want her to come back.As this light soon fades away, Yko is nowhere to be seen.