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2001 toyota celica owners manual

2001 toyota celica owners manual

Do not place anything on the instrument panel, and/or do not affix anything on the windshield to block this sensor.
Throughout its life span the Celica has been powered through various four cylinder engines.
The SRS airbags help to reduce inju-ries mainly to the drivers windows service pack 3 installer or front passen-gers head or chest caused by directly hitting the steering wheel or dashboard.
Never windows vista recovery iso leave small children alone in the vehicle, especially with the igni-tion key still inserted.
SRS warning light.00MY celica(U) i 2000 celica (OM20735U) Foreword Welcome to the growing group of valueconscious people who drive Toyotas.If the light lit during driving goes out and does not come again, it is a normal op-eration.When small children are in the ve-hicle, never let them use the power window switches without supervi-sion.

Air conditioning controls.
The SRS side airbag system consists mainly of the following components, and their locations are shown in the illustra-tion.
Front airbag sensors.
36 2000 celica (OM20735U) caution After putting back the seat, try pushing the seat forward and rear-ward to make sure it is secured in place.
Side airbag sensors.The roof will open com-pletely after tilting.The seat belts provide maxi-mum protection in a frontal or rear collision when the driver and the pas-senger are sitting up straight and well back in the seats.A forwardfacing child restraint sys-tem should be allowed to be put on the front seat only when it is un-avoidable.Turn off the air conditioning, blower, radio, resident evil 5 iso ps3 etc., and drive directly to the nearest Toyota dealer or repair shop.(i) Close both side doors and back door.